Lucid Desires of the Apocalypse

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I. Departure

Electrical organ releases radiant block chords, alternating between increased and lower registers. A melodic line slowly descends. Reverse playback alters the melodic progression and the attribute vibrational pulse of the organ.

II. Bones

A range of glass vessels of quite a whole lot of sizes, shapes, and timbres are tapped with long acrylic nails. Tapping patterns are looped and layered, producing a composite rhythmic structure. SOPHIE SR II is activated, producing a series of low booming sounds equivalent to that of a bass drum.

III. Libations/Conch Name

Libational choices are transferred from one glass vessel to 1 other. The vessel keeping water is sonically activated by breath. As the water level drops, so does every subsequent sounding veil. Prolonged tones stack on high of one one other in a loop. Vibrational pulse intensifies.

IV. Opening the Gates

A series of keen, breathy flute sounds and warbly tones layered in a loop, mimicking the sound of snappy-shifting wind.

V. Ineffables

Tentative sighs and breathy vocalizations are looped and layered. Vocalization becomes clearer and further pronounced with the passage of time. Haunting harmonies ensue as chords are layered over Conch Calls.

VI. Recitative

Names of the loved wearisome are recited and looped:

Natasha Mckenna

Sandra Bland

Rekia Boyd

Addie Mae Collins

Cynthia Wesley

Carole Robertson

Carol Denise McNair

Monika Diamond

Dominique Fells

Tony McDade

Felycya Harris

VII. Puncture the Membrane

Rapid and pitched percussive sounds are slowly layered. The pitter-patter accumulates, mimicking the sound of rain.

VIII. Recitative

Names of the loved wearisome are recited and looped. Corresponding “sonic codes” are recited.

Nia Wilson

Sonic Code: F F D C F

Nina Pop

Sonic Code: F F G G

Elijah McClain

Sonic Code: D B A E D D D F

Tanisha Anderson

Sonic Code: D F C A F E B C F

Michelle Cusseaux

Sonic Code: E D A D D D C C G

Kayla Moore

Sonic Code: C A D E B

Atatiana Jefferson

Sonic Code: D D F B F F B C F

Breonna Taylor

Sonic Code: C B F F D A D B

India Kager

Sonic Code: F E C G B

Korryn Gaines

Sonic Code: C B B A F G F C

Eric Garner

Sonic Code: B D G B F B

Erica Garner

Sonic Code: B D G B F B

Andrea DeCarlos Cargill

Sonic Code: F E B E D B D C D B G D D

Sarah Jean Cargill

Sonic Code: C B A B F D B G D D

IX. Tag

The converse of sonic codes as musical subject fabric, long, elephantine, and sustained tones are played on flute. Harmonies are built slowly, rising into a lush layer of sound.

X. Elevation

Sustained block chords on electrical organ with sparse, fragmented melodic lines.

Director of Photography – Aja Pop of Ajapopfilms

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