The Simplest Watercolor Pencils for Painterly Results

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They take a look at valid love colored pencils, but watercolor pencils are great more versatile. With cores made with a water-soluble binder, these implements shall be old dry or with water for a immense different of effects. Artists can dip the tip of a watercolor pencil into water for a velvety, thick line; they’ll wet their paper after which draw on it; or they’ll draw dry, opaque traces after which high-tail a wet brush over their marks. Extremely portable, the pencils are a gargantuan different to pan or tube watercolors, particularly if traveling. Artist-grade watercolor pencils are made with qualified quality pigments, offer a high level of lightfastness, and are nearly continually accessible by the pencil for easy and economical change. Strive one—or about a—of our picks below to resolve out which you want handiest.

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Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils

That comprises oil-essentially based cores, these water-soluble pencils fabricate the most love watercolor paint when wet. The pigment-well off leads are easy to alter and spread, and they select their vibrancy even across larger swaths of paper. They furthermore dissolve with minute effort and blend cleanly. The three.8-millimeter cores are firm to face up to snapping when utilized with tension, and they’re valid of maintaining elegant tricks for involving traces. This line furthermore offers excellent lightfastness, and every pencil is labeled with its ranking for convenience. Pencils are provided personally or in objects and are accessible in a comprehensive fluctuate of 120 colours.


Caran d’Ache Supracolor Aquarelle Pencils and Units

A bit softer than the Albrecht Dürers, the Supracolors are a a minute bit pricier sequence that we take into myth an give a own to take. These pencils, which characteristic a 3.7-millimeter core, are loved for their easy blendability, soft strokes, and energetic colours. They lay down nearly buttery traces and layer and blend easily whether wet or dry, and their pigments shall be activated to acquire heavenly washes. Their priciness—nearly $3 per pencil when bought personally—drops them to number two on our checklist, and they furthermore lose some functions for lightfastness: Some colours attain now not have handsome rankings, so invent particular to take a look at earlier than you draw shut.


Winsor & Newton Studio Series Color Pencils, Map of 48

A relative newcomer to the watercolor pencil market, Winsor & Newton’s sequence is a gargantuan different for artists who must exercise professional-grade watercolors without spending too great. These wax-essentially based pencils are identical in softness to the Supracolors (with the same core measurement) and lay down very shining, nearly shimmering colours. Moist or dry, they furthermore blend effortlessly and layer well, with pigments staying gleaming without muddying. We deem them handiest for students for two reasons: It is likely you’ll per chance per chance perhaps perhaps also capture them easiest in objects of 4 to 48, now not by the pencil, and they attain now not have lightfastness rankings.


Derwent Inktense Pencils and Units

In efficiency, Derwent’s pencils are related to watercolor pencils, but they are technically made with water-soluble, highly pigmented ink. The outcome: extremely intense colours that could well per chance be utilized wet to acquire fearless strokes and washes. As soon as dry, the marks are permanent—so while that is now not the most forgiving water-soluble medium, it is handsome to exercise for layering must you could always leave underlying layers undisturbed. These pencils are well valid with paper moreover fabric and are a gargantuan complement to old watercolor pencils.


Prismacolor Premier Watercolor Pencils, Map of 36

Prismacolor has prolonged maintained a recognition for pleasurable colored pencils, and this build of 36 watercolor pencils are no exception. They’re soft and pigment-well off and showcase handsome mixing ability. It is likely you’ll per chance per chance perhaps perhaps also compose soft, saturated color on most papers; when hydrated, the colors can acquire scintillating, translucent, watery effects. The stout spectrum of hues—which comprises neutrals, metallics, and several shades of gray, are lightfast.

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